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Alex-Realty Real Estate Agency


16 January
External Services:
Alex Realty is a fast growing agency in the field of real estate. Our Company provides a complete package of services starting from real estate selection to the registration of the real estate transactions. Our company was established in 2006, our employees have longstanding and solid work experience in the field of real estate transactions and have necessary qualifications for successful implementation of the transactions.

The key principles of our operations are assurance of fairness, legal support, professionalism and individual service of each and every client.

The customer can be sure that by applying to Alex Realty, first of all he/she will save time, waste of which is unacceptable nowadays and secondly, they can be confident that upon real estate related transactions the accuracy of all the necessary documents will be checked at the professional level, ensuring the confidentiality of the transaction. And as a result of all above said, any risk related to the real estate transaction will be minimized to the extent possible by the specialists of Alex Realty.

It is not a secret that upon real estate related transactions, the clients face with many difficulties. And here the full scope (link) services of Alex Realty Legal Department high quality specialists /link/, guarantees fast and efficient solution of the problems of any complexity for their customers.

Alex-Realty is a professional real estate agency with branches in various communities of Yerevan.

Alex Realty runs its operations as a subdivision of ALEX-RECRUITING LTD., the other branches of which perform translation into 12 languages with notary certification. There is also a legal office, providing advocacy services.

We love our Clients and would be happy to see you as Client.